Choosing a Vanity

There are several factors to consider when it comes to choosing a vanity for your bathroom. Style, size and other practical essentials should all be taken into account. We recommend that you decide on a vanity before looking for a basin. In fact, you may even find a suitable vanity with a built-in basin!

Here’s what you should know when choosing a vanity.

Size and Space

Be sure to take measurements of the area intended for your vanity, in order to determine how much space your new vanity can take up. Off the shelf vanities tend to be available in standard sizes starting at 600mm wide, then wider in 300mm increments. If you require a custom size, then a cabinet maker will be needed to specially build the vanity.

Take care to choose a size proportionate to the size of the bathroom – too big a vanity would make the room look smaller. Wall hung vanities help create the appearance of a spacious bathroom, and can also be installed at a convenient height.

Avoid leaving narrow gaps of space on the sides of the vanity as this could make cleaning difficult. Try to place the vanity well away from the shower or bath to avoid water damage. Make sure there is room for the vanity doors and drawers to open and for one to easily move around them. 

With drawers, items don’t get lost at the back of the cabinet. Tall items, however, will not fit in drawers, so having at least one door in your vanity is practical. Doors enable more storage space and are cheaper.

Plumbing connections to the basin will require space, so doors are often used in the area directly beneath the basin.

Plumbing, Electrical and Structural Requirements

A wall-mounted vanity can only be attached to a strong supporting wall, also there must be a water outlet within this supporting wall. 

It is also important that you think about how the plumbing and electrical wiring in your bathroom might be impacted by the placement of a new vanity. For example, if there is a brick wall behind your vanity, then it may not be possible to have wall taps, though we could possibly build a false stud wall in front of the brick wall to run the plumbing through it. A vanity that fits with the original plumbing will make installation simpler and cheaper. 

Electrical outlets can only be placed in certain areas in bathrooms to prevent a short circuit and avoid a risk of electrocution. So if you are unsure about Australian regulations and technicalities, please consult with us prior to choosing your vanity, so that you don’t end up with regrets later on. 

Choosing the Right Material

There are many different materials to choose from for your bathroom vanity. 

A stone top is practical as otherwise water can damage the vanity over time, especially if excess water is not wiped away promptly. Stone is also easier to clean.

Natural timber adds warmth to a bathroom.

Laminate surfaces are much cheaper and come in a huge range of colours and finishes.

Polymarble pre-formed tops are also a good low-budget option. 


Where storage space is not essential, such as in a powder room, you can hang a mirror on the wall above the vanity unit.

A mirrored shaving cabinet offers additional storage and can even be recessed in the wall for a less crowded look.

Browse the Different Design Styles

There are lots of types of vanities and it’s worth considering them all before deciding on the one you want for your bathroom. Your choice should help the vanity fit into your overall bathroom design – don’t make the mistake of choosing a vanity that looks good by itself. Stick with a theme and make the room feel as cohesive and coherent as possible. 

Cabinet vanities are always popular thanks to their classic style and bountiful storage options. But wall mounted vanities have increased in recent times too, thanks to the many inventive designs that can be found these days.

The possibilities are almost endless, so be sure to check the many options out there and find the one that appeals to you and offers everything you need it to.

By taking all of these important points into account, you’ll make sure that the vanity you select will be the right one for you, your home and everyone else in it.